TAU Ceramica

If you are looking for exceptional quality and tile selections, Tiles & Stone Warehouse is an ideal place to start. Often when looking for tiles most retailers have somewhat generic inventories and expensive styles. As a homeowner or designer price is always a contributing factor to any design plans in addition to quality. So when you are looking for unique and exceptional quality, our shoppers often ask for TAU Ceramica.

About TAU Ceramica’s Tile

As with all ceramic tile, it is 100% all-natural product; Made of a mix of different clays, feldspars and minerals combined with water, pressure and heat producing ceramic. Ceramic offers a seemingly endless number of designs, formats and even finishes. So finding your perfect tile design is easier than you might think.

According to TAU, “Our processes are more efficient at our production plants and we are committed to energy self-supply.” Additionally they reduce waste with solar power and the recovery of water and excess heat from the production process. So not only do they have an incredibly green production process but they don’t sacrifice on quality to save on costs.

Versatile, Hygienic, Long-Lasting

In addition to TAU being a benchmark for green ceramic tile production, they also afford our customers with superlative tile selections. As their tiles are exceptionally versatile, hygienic, and long-lasting they are among the best distributors available.

Because of the inherent quality of these tiles they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Additionally they can be used for floors, walls, facades, countertops and even furniture paneling! So now you might be wondering what we mean by hygienic. According to their site, “The inert nature and impermeability of a ceramic surface can prevent moisture and the development of germs and fungi. The electrical insulation capacity means ceramic tiling does not absorb electrically active environmental dust and, therefore, contributes to wellbeing.”

TAU Ceramica white porcelain floors with the look of Mont Blanc Quartzite

So by design ceramic is a long-lasting material. Due to its composition porcelain tile is one of the most resistant materials to sudden changes in environment. Additionally this includes sudden temperature changes, moisture, chemicals and even biological agents. Not only this but it is stain resistant and does not deteriorate under the sun or with the passing of time. As far as lasting quality goes, their ceramic tile truly withstands the tests of time.

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