Choosing Large Format Tile

Why Large Format Tile

Whether you are doing a DIY home project or have a contractor coming in to help you redesign your home choosing the right tile for your home is an important part of your home design. When choosing porcelain tile it is important to understand the different design components that contribute to your complete look. For instance, either you want to choose a large format tile or smaller format tiles it is important to understand what to choose and why.

So before we go any further let’s answer an important question. What is porcelain tile? Not all ceramic tile is porcelain, but all porcelain tile is considered a specific kind of ceramic. A dry pressed CERAMIC tile with water absorption below 0.5% is called porcelain tile. Water absorption is the method used to measure the density/hardness of the ceramic.

What is large format tile?

Up until 2011 The Tile Council of North America defined large format tile as tile that is 8″ x 8″ or greater. Since then the definition has changed to include tiles that are 15″x15″ or greater. And even now as technology changes we are finding that tile formats continue to be larger and thinner than before. As a result we are now able to produce wood look tiles, marble look tiles, concrete look tiles and more all in varying sizes.

Today, 30×30 and bigger sizes are the ones that we call Large format tiles. However, when it comes to wood look tiles, due to length and width proportion, wood look tiles bigger than 9×47 are the ones that fall in this category.

Why large format tile?
While larger format tiles are a more recently popular trend, it is most assuredly a lasting tile trend. With large format tiles the large tile size reduces the total grout lines in a space thus improving the seamlessness of the design and the visual appeal. Less grout lines also makes a space look and feel larger.

Tile Styles
If you are looking for a modern update in the form of a concrete look tile or a classic marble look tiles,  an exceptional size choice will help enhance these looks. From 30×30 up to 48×48 you will find that no matter what style tile is yours, the design spread out over large format tile in a most appealing, subtle way. Besides, having less grout lines makes your tile design come together in a more seamless way offering a solid look.

Since 2017, our inventory only includes  large format tiles. Therefore we are able to offering of the biggest selections on concrete look tiles, marble look tiles, wood look tile and more.

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