16×48 Trigo Chevron Wall Tile

$5.49 Sqft

Trigo Wall Chevron MarbleTile For Bathroom And Shower Walls.

Tiles has attractive design and luminous look. Chevron tiles on bathroom walls adds a luxurious feel.

16×48 rectified white-body wall tile from Seranit in high gloss finish.

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Trigo Chevron Wall Tile

Trigo Chevron Wall Tile is ideal for bathroom use in the shower as well as for kitchen backsplashes and accent walls. It comes with a design that blends three different marble in one body. Trigo Chevron was manufactured with a luminous finish in the 16×48 size to minimize the grout lines on your wall.

Often times people ask what are wall tiles, and what makes them different from standard floor tiles. Wall tiles are particularly designed and made for kitchen, bathroom and shower walls. Whereas they are covered with the same impermeable glaze as porcelain tiles, their mass is a type of ceramic that sticks easily to walls. They weight lighter and they are more bright in color. These attributes are part of what makes these tiles uniquely suited for wall use. However, they are not made to be walked upon.

Trigo Chevron comes in a large 16″ x 48″ size to reduce the seam on the walls. Large tiles offer a clean look regardless of style.

If you want to create a million dollar look on your walls, Trigo Chevron Wall Tile will¬†¬†take everybody’s breath away.

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What is the minimal grout lines

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Dimensions 48 × 16 in


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