32×32 Core Anthracite Mate Tile

$2.69 Sqft

Dark grey porcelain tile Core Anthracite comes in the 32×32 size with rectified edges. It mimics concrete style floors with a subtle. Available in the matte finish.




Dark Grey Porcelain Tile Core Anthracite is a 32×32 rectified porcelain tile that mimics concrete floors. This tile comes on a dark grey background with slight movements of a subtle design to complement modern interiors. Core Anthracite can help create the ideal atmosphere to pop raw wood or metal fixtures of a modern interior. If you have been looking for a dark grey porcelain tile in a large format that is modern and classy, Core Anthracite may be a game-changer with its high quality that comes with a low price sticker.

Dark Grey Tile Core Anthracite Comes From Turkey

Dark Grey Tile Core Anthracite is a Turkish tile where tile making goes back hundreds of years, and their quality has an excellent reputation worldwide. The manufacturer Yurtbay Seramik is one of the most recognized brands in Europe where Turkish manufacturers have the 3rd seat in a neck to neck competition with Italy and Spain. It has all the required specs for residential and commercial floors.

Dark Grey Porcelain Tile Flooring Adds A Modern Style To Interiors.

One of the leading flooring trends is industrial style interiors where concrete floors, the raw wood, and metal fixtures or accessories along with empty spaces are combined to create a sleek and modern style. Every tone of grey, including dark grey floors, are the most popular tile colors of this new style.

What’s PEI And Water Absorption?

Porcelain Tile is indeed a ceramic tile with water absorption ≤0.5%. Therefore, water absorption is what indicates the hardness and the durability of the tile. PEI, on the other hand, is an abrasion test that measures the wear and tear of the glaze on a scale from I to V. It doesn’t represent either the grade or the durability of the tile. For example, A PEI-III porcelain tile will last much longer than a PEI-V ceramic tile. However, the quality of the setting materials and the installation can increase or lower the durability of the porcelain floors more than any PEI or water absorption value. Dark Grey Tile Core Anthracite has water absorption of  ≤ 0.5%. Its PEI rate is V.

Along with living spaces, you can also take advantage of this stylish and modern  Dark Grey Tile when designing a bathroom or a kitchen. You can also use them as wall tiles, including showers walls.


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Yurtbay Seramik

From Tile-Magazine.com Turkey has a long tradition of producing ceramic tile materials, dating back roughly 8,000 years. In 2017, Turkey ranked third in ceramics tile production throughout all of Europe. Turkey is a world leader in the global ceramics industry due to its abundance of natural resources, high-quality ceramic products, innovative design, and fair business practices. Yurtbay Seramik (Booth #5330) always introduces a new series when participating at Coverings. Considering that the American marketplace is the firm’s second largest export partner, Yurtbay brings to the Coverings strategically developed product lines. Show attendees will see delightful products ranging from beautiful wood and concrete looks to durable countertop materials. Yurtbay takes its direction from its love of design, keeping in mind modern trends specified by the professional and selected by the consumer... Yurtbay Seramik is a fortune 500 company in Turkey. They produce high-quality large format porcelain tiles in amazing quality. Most of their tiles are in better quality than more expensive Spanish of Italian competitors.

Additional information

Dimensions 32 × 32 in
Country of Origin



B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E≤0.5

Water Absorption



Glazed / Matte






Mohs 7


32" x 32"


2 Pieces Per Box


80lbs / box


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