Essential Hardwood Tile 10×60

$6.29 Sqft

Essential Hardwood line comes in three colors. White, Bone, and Beech. Even though the white color is not as white as a white marble, It’s still a cool white tile.  Bone color is a very light beige color tile whereas the Beech is slightly darker. All three colors come with the same low contrast, subtle design.

Discover the natural charm of Essential Hardwood, our premium wood-look tile collection. Crafted in Spain, each tile is a testament to quality and design, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Available in three serene shades – White, Bone, and Beech – this line caters to diverse design preferences. The large 10″ x 60″ format provides a grand visual appeal, perfect choice to create spacious rooms that aim to make a statement. With their rectified edges, these tiles ensure a seamless installation, while the matte finish brings an understated elegance to any space. Embrace the beauty of wood with the durability of porcelain with our Essential Hardwood collection.


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White, Beech, Bone


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