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10x72 Blonde Ale Wood Tile


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Blonde Ale Wood Tile  is an excellent and stylish design for those looking for wood style floors.


Blonde Ale Wood Tile

Blonde Ale Wood Tile is an excellent and stylish design for those looking for wood style floors. This beautiful tile emulates blonde ale bamboo and blonde ale birch with exceptional attention to detail. If you are looking for a light and unique wood floor option, Blonde Ale Wood Tile is the winner! With the incredible advancements that we have seen in flooring, and tile in particular, tile manufacturers have been able to beautifully and accurately imitate all of the best attributes of wood flooring without the drawbacks.

Blonde Ale Wood Tile vs Wood Flooring

With Blonde Ale Wood Tile you are getting a flooring option that has the durability, weight, and quality that is only found with porcelain. Whereas with your traditional wood floors you face the challenges that come with wood material in general. With wood flooring you are more likely to see the wear and tear over time from regular use and tread. This can be costly and lead to the need for expensive maintenance or treatments, as well as possibly the need to replace some of your floor! Some wood flooring even requires special oil treatments to combat the loss of oil and brilliance over time. With this beautiful matte finish tile you don’t have to worry about that either!

Water Resistant vs. Water Proof

Additionally wood flooring is not waterproof like its wood tile counterpart. Wood is referred to as being water resistant but that does not necessarily mean it can be used in wet areas. Over time you risk problems with wood flooring and especially wood laminate. With both of these flooring options you may save money initially, but your investment over time can be very costly. Thankfully, wood look tile solves these problems and even has an added element. Wood look tile can be used in bathrooms, mud rooms, and even SHOWERS! Designers are in love with the versatility of this material and the fact that wood look tile creates more design opportunities for your home and can be used almost anywhere. In addition to the look, it also comes with some smooth texture to provide a real-like feel to the feet.

Blonde Ale Wood Tiles have always an elegant, and sophisticated look. They brighten the room and bring a spacious feel to it.

Wood look porcelain tile is an excellent choice for those who are looking for the beauty and the warmth of hardwood floors. They won’t dent, and they are 100% waterproof.  Wood tiles tend to have better friction when compared to other porcelain tile styles.  They perform well in wet areas. Therefore, besides the warm look that they add to the rooms, they are pretty popular for bathroom floors. A beautiful porcelain tile in light colors can also be an excellent alternative for pool decks patios. This tile is a perfect choice for a natural wood looking tile that has the durability and quality of porcelain tile.

Making the right tile choice for your home or business is extremely important, and we want to ensure you have nothing but the best tile options. With our unique inventory you will find that we carry tile selections many other stores do not offer. This is because we carefully curate our tile selection and only offer tiles that are imported directly from the manufacturers. Which saves you money and guarantees that you will have exceptional quality at an incredible price!

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Dimensions 10 × 72 in


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