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10x72 Charcoal An Wood Tile


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10×72 Charcoal An Wood Tile has an excellent and stylish design that brings warmth to any room, even bathrooms! Rectified porcelain tile from Italy.


10×72 Charcoal An Wood Tile

10×72 Charcoal An Wood Tile  is an excellent and stylish design for those looking for wood-style floors. It has a deep rich color to it that is absolutely stunning, and really adds a stylish and bold design element to any space it is used in. With Charcoal An you get a visual style that is reminiscent of an Onyx Oak or Night Shadow Oak as they are sometimes referred to. These Oaks are easily distinguished from others due to their dark tones and beautiful visual design elements. Oak wood comes in a number of hues, but its grain pattern is quite unique, which makes it one of the easier species to recognize. As a result, it also means that tile manufacturers are able to deliver the distinct look of oak but using porcelain instead. Thus giving you the best of both worlds.

Wood Look Tile vs. Wood Flooring

While we may be a little biased we are confident in the many benefits of wood look porcelain tiles, and we know that once you experience the exceptional benefits found in wood look porcelain tiles that you will love this flooring too.  These tiles afford you the beauty and the warmth of hardwood floors but with the lasting quality that only porcelain tile can deliver. Due to the strength and quality of the materials they won’t dent, and they are 100% waterproof.  Additionally, wood tiles tend to have better friction when compared to other porcelain tile styles.

Due to the fact that they are waterproof, they perform well in wet areas while wood laminate and wood flooring are not made to withstand moisture over time. Thus you are able to have the beautiful visual design elements of woopd in areas of your home that may not have been an option. This includes decks, bathroom floors and walls, and kitchens! So, not only do you get the warm look that wood flooring is known for to rooms, but you get to make style choices based on the quality of porcelains durability instead of the limitation of wood.

A beautiful porcelain tile in light colors can also be an excellent alternative for pool decks patios. Charcoal An Wood tile is a perfect choice for a natural wood looking tile that has the durability and quality of porcelain tile. This tile has an amazing likeness to hardwood, but with all of the best qualities of porcelain tile. Besides the look, it also comes with some smooth texture to provide a real-like feel to the feet as well. This adds an additional layer of benefits that compliments the visual experience and makes these tiles uniquely suited for use in both dry and wet spaces.

Of course, we should also add that the large format size of this tile is yet another benefit of this beautiful wood tile. Due to the large size of these wood tiles you have reduced grout lines which create a more seamless visual design and add to the spaciousness of whatever space you use them in. Uninterupted tile patterns are known to be more visually appealing and really add to your overall flooring look.

10×72 Charcoal An Wood Tiles has a beautiful, and sophisticated look that is truly elegance by design. If you are looking for a rich dark wood tile this is a perfect choice. They add depth and warmth to any room and bring a spacious feel to it.

If you are looking to learn more about wood tile, or wood look tiles contact one of our flooring experts today! We are available to answer all of your questions.

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Dimensions 11 × 72 in


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