10×60 Reclaimed Wood Tile Rennes White

$5.99 Sqft

10×60 Large plank tile with the look of the old wood in a light gray with white under tones. Perfect choice for those looking for outstanding floors with old wood. Rectified porcelain tile from Spain.


Imagine the time gave a unique pastel look to the color of the wood while the grains became more distinctive as the wood aged. This priceless look the old wood is what you would find in our Reclaimed Wood Tile, Rennes white.

If you are looking for this unique beauty of the old wood, for your floors, bathrooms or an an accent wall, Reclaimed Wood Tile Rennes comes with one of the most realistic designs and one best the best quality porcelain body that will offer a great longevity wherever you want to use your tile. It has many of the unique design elements present that draws people to reclaimed old wood, but with the exceptional quality of the porcelain. Besides, It comes with some smooth texture to provide a real-like feel to the feet as well.

Color wise, Renes White Tile comes in a light grey color over a white background. It is perfect as a base for a farmhouse-style home design, coastal interiors or even a more modern design that uses light colors and uniques styles as the cornerstone.

10×60 rectified porcelain tile from Spain.

Why To Choose Porcelain Tile

Thanks to modern technology and advancements in manufacturing techniques tiles have come a long way. Up until recently, it was an expensive and lengthy process to produce tiles and this also limited the colors, designs, and price. To have exceptional and unique-looking tile was often expensive, but now homeowners and designers have been opened up to a world of flooring options. With Renes White you can see this technology showcased in how it mimics old, Reclaimed Wood with great precision.

Additionally having a beautiful wood look floor is now much more affordable in part because of modern manufacturing techniques but also because of how we source our tile inventory. With Tiles & Stone Warehouse we have brought our customers even more savings by purchasing our tiles direct from the best tile manufacturers. By limiting the amount of inventory we carry overtime and directly importing the tiles you love we have reduced costs associated with flooring that big box stores often pass along to the customers.

So now you can have incredible wood look tile such as Renes White Whitewashed Wood at a better price than ever before and have the ability to use this design element in more spaces. While wood and wood laminate cannot withstand moisture well, and generally require expensive maintenance over time porcelain wood look tile does not.  Porcelain tile is 100% waterproof.  Additionally, wood tiles tend to have better friction when compared to other porcelain tile styles, and they perform well in wet areas. So, besides the warm look that they add to the rooms, they are pretty popular for bathroom floors as accent walls or decorative details. A beautiful porcelain tile in light colors can also be an excellent alternative for pool decks patios.

Overall, Renes White is tile that stands out. However, this beautiful tile was made to complement your style rather than becoming a style by itself.

If you are looking for a beautiful wood look tile our inventory has a unique and vast selection that has a wide range of styles. From rich mahogany wood look tiles to ash, we are sure to carry a tile that is perfect for you.

Is Wood Look Tile A Trend?


Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 60 in

Gray, White



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  1. Elite Information

    Purchased these tiles for my basement. The final result of the installed tiles turned out beautiful with no complaints from the tiling contractor. Perfect tile if you want to recreate a reclaimed barn wood look.

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