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Shop porcelain slab tile trends today! Check out our design inspiration gallery to see some of the current trends in porcelain slab tile design. Porcelain Slab is a unique tile design that is known for its size and durability. Due to its design elements and the format this tile is made to last.


Bathroom Walls wit black Porcelain Slab with some white veining 48x103

Choosing the right tile design for your home can be challenging, but having the right selection to choose from can really make that easier. With our wide selection of unique tile options, it is no surprise that we have something so special as porcelain slab available in our inventory. 

This tile format affords you less grout lines and a more visually appealing design for your home or office.


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Definition of Porcelain Tile

Not all ceramic tile is porcelain, but all porcelain tile is considered a specific kind of ceramic. A dry pressed CERAMIC tile with water absorption below 0.5% is called porcelain tile. Water absorption is the method used to measure the density/hardness of the ceramic. 

Boxes Are Marked Ceramic Tile?

When you see the boxes of your porcelain tile, you’ll see the word ceramic. Do not panic. Porcelain is a product of ceramic. Therefore, the manufacturers call themselves ceramic manufacturers and their name contain the word Ceramic instead of Porcelain. Thus your packaging may say ceramic tile instead of porcelain.

What is PEI?

PEI is something (I’ve picked the word something on purpose because I was never able to find out what It was other than it sands for Porcelain Enamel Institute) that’s widely confused with  Tile Classes ” ASTM C1027-19 (2019 edition)” that only measures “Visual Abrasion of The Glaze”. According to 2019 edition, a Class 3 tile is suitable for light commercial and heavy traffic residential surfaces. Almost, all porcelain tiles are in this range!!! If you really want better porcelain tiles, you should check its density (water absorption) and Mohs level(deep abrasion) 

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