Concrete Look Tile

Concrete Look Tile

Concrete Look Tile: A New Classic

36x36 concrete tile in light grey color for modern interiorsIf you are redesigning your new home or maybe considering an upgrade to a specific room, you may find yourself browsing home design magazines for ideas. Maybe you have come across a floor tile that seems unfamiliar. Likely it has the smooth, seemingly seamless design that you dream of. 

More than likely, this “mystery” tile is a large format concrete look tile. As the name implies this tile is incredibly versatile and ideal for large indoor or outdoor spaces. In part due to its unique durability this style trend is on the rise. Therefor it is making its way into many home designers hearts.

Choosing Concrete Look Tile

Whether you are a professional home designer or homeowner your choice in tile is an important aspect of your overall home design. Often this choice can have a significant impact on how your design plans come together. Thus it is an important choice when creating the space you dream of. With a large format concrete look tile you get the benefits of a wide array of color pallets and styles. So it is important to understand how to choose the right large format concrete look tile for you.

polished concrete style floors with porcelain tile in a living room

As with all porcelain tile there are different finishes available that can really elevate and tie together a design. For instance, Natron White Polished Tile‘s greyish white background and design has the right amount of movement to mimics industrial style polished concrete floors. Thus the result is a beautifully stylized tile that is the perfect base for any space. If looking for a modern glossy looking floor this is a great option to consider. Also one that enhances the elegance of porcelain tiles while still signaling the industrial and modern vibes of concrete flooring.

Lema White 36x36 Matte Finish tile with the look of concrete floors in very light beige color

Maybe a polished finish tile is less along the lines of what you are hoping for, or it doesn’t fit your vision. If you are redesigning an office space or kitchen and want a more modern or industrial vibe, than maybe consider a matte finish tile style such as Lema White.  This elegant Italian tile’s light gray background has a bluish hue that creates a cool tone as a central component to the style. This hue and tile format mimics classic industrial vibes created by concrete floors and is a unique base for any space.

Unique Style, Exceptional Quality

When looking through our inventory, you will find our tile selections are like no other.  We carry the highest quality concrete look tiles available. Due to our direct importing practices and passion for quality products we have reduced unnecessary costs. Thus we are able to provide you with superlative tile selections that fit your budget without sacrificing on quality. 

No matter your style or space, a concrete look is a modern trend that is sure to last. So when considering your flooring or wall tile options be sure to look at the impeccable quality and look of our exceptional concrete look tile selection.

Concrete Tile Design Inspiration

Check out our design inspiration gallery to see some of the current trends in tile design.

concrete style floors in light beige color porcelain tile

modern modern interiors concrete white porcelain tile

Concrete effect porcelain tile

bedroom wall with concrete style tile in dark gray color

36x36 concrete tile in light grey color for modern interiors

24x48 Porcelain floor tile in grey color with concrete floor look; Urban Grey

porcelain tile in the 24x48 size that look like white concrete floors

floor image of studio White porcelain tile that looks like industrial concrete floors in white color

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