Concrete Look Tile

Concrete Look Is The Rising Trend For Modern Floors.

If you’re a little tired of seeing hardwood and marble style floors almost everywhere you go and you want to think out of the box, the concrete look tile may be an excellent option for you, and you are not alone. Porcelain tiles with the concrete look are especially popular throughout the design community. This clean and sleek style has been getting more and more attention. Many professionals are now using this new look for both commercial and residential spaces.

Concrete Look Tile vs Epoxy Finish Floors

If you like the look epoxy polished concrete floors, you can smooth and shine the floor under your carpet, or you can shop for a tile that looks like concrete. However, if you choose the epoxy polishing, it’s going to be a little costly. Besides, even, under little foot traffic, the brilliant shine of the epoxy may wear off, and you may end up having some dull spots on your floors in only several years.

Epoxy Polished Is Great For Your Garage

Epoxy flooring companies state that their floors will last 5 to 10 years with proper maintenance. If you have a garage or a commercial area where your floors wearing off is not a concern, and all you care about is that your floors won’t crack under heavyweights, and somewhat will look decent, this type of flooring may be a great choice. But If you are a homeowner or you are in the retail business, where the beauty of your floors will interpret your or your company’s style you will have to spend in maintenance, just like marble floors.

Porcelain Tile Last Longer

On the other hand, the porcelain tile’s minimum life span is 10 to 15 years. Besides, the porcelain tile doesn’t require maintenance. You can clean your concrete look porcelain tiles with minimal effort without special products.

Concrete Look Porcelain Tile Offers An Amazing Array Of Design And Color Options

Along with their durability and ease of maintenance, porcelain tiles also stand out with their fantastic array of colors and styles. The limit of design and colors option in concrete look porcelain tiles is the limit of human creativity, which is endless.

Porcelain tiles are like the painter’s canvas. Manufacturers can give any color, any design to the tile. They can offer endless color, shade, and style options. You can have concrete look floors blended with limestone character; you can have concrete looks floors with lots of character or with minimum character.

Along with living spaces, you can also take advantage of these stylish modern tiles when designing a bathroom or a kitchen. You can also use them as wall tiles, including showers walls.