White & Grey Marble Chevron


White and grey marble Chevron Pattern decorative mosaic tile on an 11″ x 12″ sheet for kitchen backsplash, bathroom and shower wall or floors.

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White and grey marble Chevron Pattern decorative mosaic tile on an 11″ x 12″ sheet. Chevron pattern is often confused with the herringbone pattern.  The difference is: whereas herring bone pattern consists of rectangular pieces, chevron patterns consists of rhombuses. Rhombus is a shape that is harder to cut compared to rectangles. Therefore it brings an extra cost to production and It’s more expensive.  Therefore It’s a look that has been a sign of luxury.

Popularly used to make alternating color stripes for giving a unique and trendy look for kitchen floors or backsplashes.

It may be your entryway, living room, kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall or floors. You can also use this beautiful white and grey marble Chevron pattern for an outside patio or lanai.

p/s We do not recommend porcelain or ceramic tiles for outside areas that get direct sunlight where/ if you don’t wear shoes. Porcelain and Ceramic tiles are made with extreme heat. Therefore they tend to get hot. Whereas very light colors may be okay, we strongly suggest that you should leave a sample tile out under the sun prior to installation to see how hot it will get.

White and grey marble chevron pattern is an excellent example of why people love decorative tiles so much. It has the durability of porcelain with a modern and unique style that lends itself to any space.

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