White & Grey Marble Spike Mosaic Tile


White & Grey Carrara Marble Spike Pattern. Decorative mosaic for kitchen backsplash, bathroom and shower walls, and floors on appx 12×12 mesh

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White and grey marble spike pattern. Decorative mosaic tile on a 10″ x 12″ Sheet $13.50

White and Grey Marble Spike Pattern –  the spike pattern gives the look of the leaves. The black lines form the spikes. The white and grey background makes it a beautiful pattern. These are decorative mosaic tiles to décor the house walls and floors. Designers use different pattern tiles to form a beautiful wall design. Tiles have polished coating and easily seals on the surface. Use the Spike pattern tile with other patterns like flowers tiles, herringbone to make a new look. It’s best to use for flooring, kitchen backsplash, wall tile, pool deck, bathtub surrounding.

It may be your entryway, living room, kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall or floors. You can also use this beautiful white and grey marble spike pattern for an outside patio or lanai.

p/s We do not recommend porcelain or ceramic tiles for outside areas that get direct sunlight where/ if you don’t wear shoes. Porcelain and Ceramic tiles are made with extreme heat. Therefore they tend to get hot. Whereas very light colors may be okay, we strongly suggest that you should leave a sample tile out under the sun prior to installation to see how hot it will get.

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