3×12 Jewel White Subway Tile

$1.25 Piece

3×12  White Subway Tile With In Maiolica Style With Random Prints For a Modern Look. Made in Spain. Kitchen Backsplash, Bathroom Wall Tile.

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Dimensions 36 × 12 in


White subway tile Jewel is an exceptional tile that truly stands out with its modern style. This tile, unlike all other subway tiles, comes with random prints on a shiny surface that we call Maiolica.  Maiolica is the name of texture style on subway tiles that was designed to create a glass-like effect.

Jewel White Subway Tile Is Stylish

While technological advancement is the fuel behind the ceramic industry, creativity is the real power. Today all surfaces are getting more creative works to enrich our living spaces. White Subway Tile Jewel is just another example of how tile manufacturers can redesign traditional interior elements in to stylish objects with the power of creativity.

Its either a kitchen backsplash or a bathroom wall, Jewel white will look like more than a subway tile and will definitely intrigue your visitors.

Tiles that are particularly designed and made for kitchen, bathroom and shower walls. Whereas they are covered with the same impermeable glaze as porcelain tiles, their mass is a type of ceramic that sticks easily to walls. They weight lighter and they are more bright in color. However, they are not made to be walked upon.

What Are The Grades Of Porcelain Tile?

What is the minimal grout lines

What’s porcelain tile, what’s ceramic tile


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