Koru Peach Wood Look Porcelain Tile 8×48

$4.39 $3.79 Sqft

Mirage Koru Peach is probably the most detailed wood tile ever made. This tile comes with jaw-dropping details. 8×48 Color body, rectified porcelain tile from Italy.


Mirage Koru Peach is the second color of an exclusive line by Italian Mirage. This a line that revitalizes expensive fruit trees which are exclusively available for the high-end furniture industry.

This tile mimics a Peachtree with an exceptional likeness. It comes one a nude background with grey undertones. The wood grains come in a color scale going from browns to a tan color. This tile looks so real that it’s almost impossible to tell It’s not the real wood.

Wood Like Tile Mirage Koru Peach Looks and Feels Real!

Mirage is one of the most famous Italian tile manufacturers in the world. They are a well-respected brand in the industry . Above all, they are known for their innovations.

Koru is a special line of wood like tiles that show off the height of the technology that the company has reached. All four colors of the Koru line come with an incredible graphical and visual depth due to the company’s unique layering decoration technology. Mirage Koru Peach feels and looks real. Besides, It’s also decorated with an innovative opaque surface that absorbs the light without dulling the colors.

It’s either the whole house or a family room or a kitchen and bathroom floors, Wood Like Tile Mirage Koru Peach will add to a beautiful style to it.

Moreover, It’s a color body tile with a DCOF>0.42 for wet areas.

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Mirage Ceramic

Mirage is an innovative porcelain tiles manufacturer from Italy. They are one of the most trusted tile brands in the world.

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Dimensions48 × 8 in


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