Wood Look Tile

Wood Look Tile

A Trend Made to Last

light maple style wood look style tile floor with large format

Whether you are a first time homeowner or an experienced renovator, you will find home design often has many changing trends. Maybe you have noticed the prevalence of wood look tile, or wood flooring in home design. So when you shop for flooring understanding the difference between pop trends and lasting trends is important. 

But what do we mean by pop trends vs. lasting trends. If we had to venture a guess you probably look back at some of your old photos and wonder why things like butterfly clips or maybe parachute pants were a trend. Or maybe you have noticed how kitchen designs have changed from the early 2000s. With the common trend of rich dark wood cabinets being replaced by white cabinets and colorful accents. With ever-evolving trends in home design it is important to understand the trends that are made to last.

Wood Laminate vs. Wood Look Tile 

So now we have talked about trends and whether they will last, but how about materials. Wood look flooring has an elegant and very versatile design but there are so many choices. While wood laminate or wood flooring look they do not have the same durability and lasting quality as wood look tile. Compared to laminate, vinyl and engineered wood floors, wood look tiles offer broader style and color options along with better longevity. Thus their impeccable quality is recognized worldwide.

Wood laminate and wood paneling requires more maintenance and care than wood look tile, and is less durable over time. So even though you may save money initially you will end up spending more over time to maintain or even replace your flooring. 

Aged French OakIf you are looking for the exceptional style of wood flooring, but want to ensure that your flooring will last than wood look tile is the way to go. With modern technology wood look tile carries all of the intricate veining and features of wood flooring. You are able to find the same versatile color selections, styles, and textures that you might find with laminate but with the lasting quality of porcelain. For example, in our diverse inventory you will find designs such as our Aged French Oak design. As with the rest of our inventory, this tile design carries the unique qualities of wood flooring with the lasting quality of its porcelain material.

Unique Style, Exceptional Quality

When looking through our inventory, you will find our tile selections are like no other.  We carry the highest quality wood look porcelain tiles available for wholesale prices. Due to our direct importing practices and passion for quality products we have reduced unnecessary costs. Thus we are able to provide you with superlative tile selections that fit your budget without sacrificing on quality. If you have more questions contact us today. Our team of professionals are ready to assist you in making the best choice for you.

Wood Look Tile Design Inspiration

Check out our design inspiration gallery to see some of the current trends in tile design.

light maple style wood look style tile floor with large format

mediterranean Oak Wood Look Tile

light gray color wood look style tile floor with large format

large porcelain tile with the look of teak wood floors

Montana Maple porcelain tile on the main floors

porcelain tile that looks like wood in the large plank size in gray color

Resized Front Page Picture of Wood Look Tile Austral White


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