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Whether you are a professional home designer, contractor, or homeowner your choice in tile is an important aspect of your overall home design. Often this choice can have a significant impact on how your design plans come together to create the space you dream of. With a large format concrete look tile you get the benefits of a wide array of color pallets and styles with impact of reduced grout lines. So it is important to understand how to choose the right concrete look tile for you. Read More


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Shop concrete look tile trends today! Check out our design inspiration gallery to see some of the current trends in tile design. Concrete look tile is a newly introduced tile trend that is here to stay. If you are looking for a modern feel or an elegant tile to tie a room together, this versatile design is sure to make any space look exceptional.

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Definition of Porcelain Tile

Not all ceramic tile is porcelain, but all porcelain tile is considered a specific kind of ceramic. A dry pressed CERAMIC tile with water absorption below 0.5% is called porcelain tile. Water absorption is the method used to measure the density/hardness of the ceramic. 

Boxes Are Marked Ceramic Tile?

When you see the boxes of your porcelain tile, you’ll see the word ceramic. Do not panic. Porcelain is a product of ceramic. Therefore, the manufacturers call themselves ceramic manufacturers and their name contain the word Ceramic instead of Porcelain. Thus your packaging may say ceramic tile instead of porcelain.

What is PEI?

PEI is something (I’ve picked the word something on purpose because I was never able to find out what It was other than it sands for Porcelain Enamel Institute) that’s widely confused with  Tile Classes ” ASTM C1027-19 (2019 edition)” that only measures “Visual Abrasion of The Glaze”. According to 2019 edition, a Class 3 tile is suitable for light commercial and heavy traffic residential surfaces. Almost, all porcelain tiles are in this range!!! If you really want better porcelain tiles, you should check its density (water absorption) and Mohs level(deep abrasion) 

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