18×18 Heritage Decorative Tile

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Do you want to have an accent area on your floor with a Mediterranean style pattern? Black and White Heritage Mono Decorative Accent Tile can create the statement that you are looking for. This tile carries an ancient elegance dating back to the Roman Empire. And it can add some extra character to your floors.

You can use this black and white decorative accent tile on your main floor or in your entryway as an accent or you can take advantage of its rough surface and make it a bathroom floor. Wherever you decide, Heritage is a tile you can not go wrong with.

Heritage Mono Decorative Tile

Decorative floor tile Heritage comes in black and white color. Available in 18×18

Lily is another similar tile from Spain

Decorative tiles are the last pieces that complement our exterior or interior design. These are the accents tiles that tie everything together by adding in some extra colors to make everything to pop up, or blending in together.

Natural stone, glass, metal, porcelain mosaics, or subway tiles are the primary materials that we use as decorative tiles.

Today’s trend is to use large tiles rather than small ones to avoid grout and seam issues to create a clean look.


TAU Ceramica

TAU Ceramica is a leading manufacturer of a variety of different porcelain tiles. Their style selection ranges from concrete look tile to wood look tile to marble look. Brand "TAU is consolidated as a world reference brand in the ceramic sector. We are proud of our commitment to innovation and development and our commitment to our social and environmental surroundings." Mission "We transform nature to create ceramic solutions that help our clients in their growth and differentiation." Vision "Leading ceramic industry through a purchasing experience empathy that helps the seller to sell and the buyer to decide." Sustainable development "TAU ceramics has an environmental management system to identify and minimize the impact of its operations on air emissions, wastewater, waste and noise pollution. Integrated Management System (SIG), designed by Ecoembes and aimed at the selective collection and recovery of packaging waste for treatment, recycling and assessment. The company has Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all the product families it markets. A declaration granted by Aenor in 2014 and extended in 2015 that highlights environmentally friendly products. Applying criteria of continuous improvement, we carry out an internal recovery of the waste and a selective collection of the same as cardboard, plastic or wood."

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Dimensions 18 × 18 in