8×8 Lily Decorative Tile

$4.99 Sqft

8×8 White Decorative Tile From Spain With Worn Stone Effect With Mediterranean Style Designs. A great alternative to hand painted stones.

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Lily decorative tile comes in white background color with Mediterranean style hand paintings. This porcelain tile was inspired by ancient worn stone and it comes with random designs. You will notice some cracks in the background. Also, some of the prints come with worn colors to ensure the realistic look of ancient stone.

If you are looking for hand-painted tiles, this tile will definitely give the same effect on a smaller budget. Moreover, Lily decorative will provide the porcelain tile’s durability.

As much as you can use this tile to create an accent on your floor or your walls,  You can also design a stunning bathroom around the Lily decorative tile. Made in Spain. 8×8

Sold by the piece.

Accent tile Heritage Mono is another option from Spain.

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Decorative tiles are the last pieces that complement our exterior or interior design. These are the accents tiles, such as the Lily decorative tile, that tie everything together by adding in some extra colors to make everything to pop up, or blending in together.

Natural stone, glass, metal, porcelain mosaics, or subway tiles are the primary materials that we use as decorative tiles.

Today’s trend is to use large tiles rather than small ones to avoid grout and seam issues to create a clean look.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 in


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