3×12 Allegro Blue Subway Tile

$1.50 Piece

Allegro blue subway tile comes twice bigger than the tradional subway tiles with a special texture that brings glass-like shine to the walls. Ā 3×12 Maiolica Subway Tile From Spain.

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Dimensions 12 × 3 in

Blue Subway Tiles are very trendy as an accents color when designing walls in bathrooms and kitchens. Yes! Everybody’sĀ favorite color blue, is also a favorite color when it comes to interior design. Allegro Blue Subway Tile comes in an attractive shade of navy blue with the Maiolica style. Maiolica is a new style that adds glass-like shine to subway tiles with a speacial texture designed to increase the reflection. Besides, such texture also incease the warmth of the tile. Maiolica style gets easlily attetion with its beautiful colors and unusual shine. We can use the Allegro Blue Subway Tile as kitchen backsplash, shower, or bathroom wall tile. We can also use it as an accent between the vanity and mirror in a bathroom.

Allegro Blue is not the traditional subway tile that we come across very often. Its glass-like shine makes a big difference on the look. Besides, It comes in twice bigger size compared to traditional 3×6 subway Ā tiles and help create a clean look on the walls. This beautiful blue subway tile offres a modern touch to a classical style.

Brick is not the only patternĀ to install the blue subway tile.

Even though subway tiles are often staggered in brick pattern, you can also stack them for a more contemporary look. Subway Tiles’ rectangular shape also allows us to create patterns like basket weaves, herringbone, etc. Mixing up different colors is another creative application with subway tiles.

Subway Tile is an American Classic

Subway Tiles are definitely the most popular decorative tiles that we use on our walls. We all love the clean and simple look of these tiles. Regardless of style, those tiles can complement even the most expensive kitchen or bathroom walls on a small budget.

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