Black Ledger Tile


$3.99 Sqft

Black Ledger panel is an interlocking porcelain tile for your fireplace and accent walls. Made with an excellently precise graphical work, It looks just like the real stone, this accent tile is beautiful. 10×18 size



Black Ledger panel is an interlocking porcelain product from Turkey for your fireplace and interior and exterior accent walls. Made with excellent graphical work, This accent tile that looks just like the real stone, this is a beauty. Besides, It comes with a textured finish that feels like the real stone, but It is not as rough. It doesn’t have the sparkly chrystals that most people complain about natural stone either. It’s also easier to clean.

Get the perks of porcelain with Black Ledger Panel Porcelain Tile.

Black Ledger Panel Porcelain Tile is an excellent alternative to natural stone. It looks real. It feels real. Besides, It doesn’t need maintenance or sealing as the natural stone does. On top of all, It cost less. You can use it for an accent wall, fireplace or you can design your dream exterior walls for a significantly lower budget. You also carry this look to your kitchens.

Porcelain tiles come with graphics that eliminate unwanted veining or coloration prior to production. They are made according to our interior or exterior design needs. They are also very durable products that will last for a long time even in exteriors. Such porcelain ledger with a textured finish will bring the look of the beautiful natural stone to your walls. You can now bring some rustic feel to the interior or exterior of your home for a significantly lower cost.

This porcelain tile contains different shades of black color. 10×18  porcelain tile from Turkey.

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Yurtbay Seramik

From Tile-Magazine.com Turkey has a long tradition of producing ceramic tile materials, dating back roughly 8,000 years. In 2017, Turkey ranked third in ceramics tile production throughout all of Europe. Turkey is a world leader in the global ceramics industry due to its abundance of natural resources, high-quality ceramic products, innovative design, and fair business practices. Yurtbay Seramik (Booth #5330) always introduces a new series when participating at Coverings. Considering that the American marketplace is the firm’s second largest export partner, Yurtbay brings to the Coverings strategically developed product lines. Show attendees will see delightful products ranging from beautiful wood and concrete looks to durable countertop materials. Yurtbay takes its direction from its love of design, keeping in mind modern trends specified by the professional and selected by the consumer... Yurtbay Seramik is a fortune 500 company in Turkey. They produce high-quality large format porcelain tiles in amazing quality. Most of their tiles are in better quality than more expensive Spanish of Italian competitors.