Multicolor Ledger Tile

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Multicolor Ledger panel is an interlocking porcelain tile for your fireplace and accent walls. Made with an excellently precise graphical work and texture, ¬†It looks just like the real stone. 10×18 size

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Multicolor Ledger panel is an interlocking porcelain tile for your interior and exterior accent walls such as a fireplace or ¬†a backsplash wall in your kitchen. This accent tile looks and feels just like the real stone due to its excellent graphical work and texture. Besides, Its textured finish is more smoother. Therefore, It’s easier to clean. Moreover, It doesn’t have the sparkly chrystals that most people complain about natural stone.

Multicolor Ledger Panel Porcelain Tile is an excellent alternative to the natural stone.It’s a product that offfers all the perks of the porcelain tile while creating the exact same effect of the stone ledgers. It looks real. It feels real. Besides, It doesn’t need maintenance or sealing as the natural stone does. On top of all, It’ll cost you less, saving you money. You can use this tile for an accent wall or fireplace. You can also carry this look onto your kitchen walls. Or you can design the exterior walls of your dream that you thought was going to cost you a lot of money and you hat to put it off. It can change the entire look of your house, making your neighboors to envy.

Porcelain tiles come with graphics that eliminate undesired veining or coloration prior to production. They are made according to our interior or exterior design needs. They are also very durable products that will last for a long time even in exteriors. Such porcelain ledger with a textured finish will bring the look of the beautiful natural stone to your walls. You can now bring some rustic feel to the interior or exterior of your home for a significantly lower cost with the Multicolor Legder Panel Tile

This porcelain tile contains different shades of earth tones with some grey. 10×18 ¬†porcelain tile from Turkey.

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