Diana Royal Beige Marble Subway Tile

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Diana Royal Beige Marble Subway Tile for kitchen backsplash, bathroom and shower wall, and floors. Available on 12×12 mesh

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Diana Royal beige marble subway tile for shower floor, kitchen backsplash, pool, fountain, and wall mosaic tile and floor tile. It comes on 12×12 mesh with the polished finish.

Diana Royal Beige Marble tiles are famous for their royal and elegant beige color. Light and dark color give a classy variation, Light beige enlighten the area and dark beige adds beauty to the place. Different shapes and sizes are available depending on your taste and the interior design customer is looking for. Subway, herringbone, square, chevron, etc. are patterns that are available in design. Its most for subway tile asked by designers.

Marble subway tiles need to be sealed prior to grout. These tiles don’t require too much maintenance and they don’t stain easily, making them an ideal option as an accent tile. When considering tile options, good quality and minimal maintenance are important attributes to look for. With Diana Royal Beige you get both of these and the added appeal of a dynamic and beautiful tile, by design.  Also, marble is a trough body material that makes them refinishable products.

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