8×45 Canada Chestnut

$4.29 Sqft

Canada Chestnut comes in a medium brown color with a nice texture and smooth design. 8×45 wood grain porcelain tile from Spain with the rectified body.

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Country of Origin





Matte /Textured




B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E≤0.5



Wood Grain Tile Canada Chestnut comes in medium brown background color with a beautiful wood texture. It has an elegant design that will flow throughout the whole house. This tile doesn’t come with too much wood character that may be overwhelming for some customers. However, It still has the warmth of hardwood floors. 8×45 rectified porcelain tile from Spain.

Wood Grain Tile Canada Chestnut is a maintenance-free, durable flooring tile that will also last in most commercial spaces.

Wood Grain Tile Canada Chestnut’s Durability

Porcelain is a product of ceramic. Ceramic tiles with water absorption of 0.5% and lower are categorized as porcelain tiles. Most Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are glazed products. Whereas some companies have been pushing PEI as the hardness and durability of the tile, PEI is an abrasion test measuring the wear and tear of the glaze. You can have a ceramic tile with a PEI rating 4 or 5, but it won’t last as long as the porcelain tile. The only indicator of the hardness is the water absorption level. Most porcelain tiles today come with a water absorption below 0.5% Therefore they are extremely hard products. Wood Grain Tile Canada Chestnut comes with a water absorption below 0.5% and PEI4

For residential use, PEI 3 and most commercial areas PEI 4 is enough, and almost all porcelain tiles are made within those PEI ratings.

The durability of the tile depends on the installation as much as its hardness. If you want your tile to last, you may want to sure that your installer is using a good thinset and he’s not leaving hollow spots under your tiles. Before asking the PEI of your tile, you may want to ask the water absorption level of your tile. Tile Council Of America is the only authority.

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