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Brest Umber Wood Look Tile

TAU Ceramica

If you are looking for exceptional quality and tile selections, Tiles & Stone Warehouse is an ideal place to start. Often when looking for tiles most retailers have somewhat generic inventories and expensive styles. As a homeowner or designer price…

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large format tile Estatuario large format polished tile

Choosing Large Format Tile

When choosing porcelain tile it is important to understand the different design components that contribute to your complete look. For instance, whether or not you choose a large format tile or smaller format tiles it is important to understand what to choose and why.
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a picture showing how porcelain tiles were used for interiors of a store

Got Questions?

The Basics of Shopping for Tile If you’re shopping for tiles, you probably have some questions about the product that you’re planning to purchase and use for at least the next 10 – 15 years. We tried to address most…

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