4×12 White Subway Tile

$1.39 Piece

Large white subway tile adds a little more contemporary look to the traditional subway style. 4×12 bright white subway tile from Turkey.

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Dimensions 12 × 4 in


Large white subway tile comes in the 4×12 size to give a clean look to the walls. Like all other flooring and wall tiles, today subway tiles are also available in a larger size to minimize the seam and the grout. If you want to add a little modern look to the traditional subway style, large white subway tile is a great option that comes with an excellent price.

Subway is a brick pattern that originated from the¬†NY subway stations and became¬†an American classic. It can suit all type of interiors regardless¬†of the property’s value or location. It’s¬†timeless and beautiful. It’s¬†elegant¬†and chic. However, In addition to traditional brick pattern, bigger pieces like our Large White Subway Tile¬†can also be stacked to create a little more contemporary look. Besides, the rectangular¬†shape of subway tiles allows us to install these tiles with less common patterns like herringbone¬†or even more intricate patterns depending on the¬†skills of the installer.

Price Per Piece or Price Per Square Foot?

We measure the areas by the square foot or square inch. Then we convert square inches to the square foot. The conversion number is 144. If you have 1,152 square inches to convert to square foot: 1152/144 the result is 8 square foot. Therefore it makes more sense to price tiles per square foot.

However, when you buy subway tiles, some companies will show the price per piece to¬†make the price comparison difficult. Us, on the other hand, we use price per square foot to make things easier for you.¬†If you’re comparing a 3×6 subway tile price with ours, all you need to do is to multiply the price by 8 because eight pieces of 3×6 subway tiles are equal to 1sqft.¬†

For example, if a 3×6 subway tile’s cost per piece is $.39, the price per square foot is $3.12

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4×12 Beige Subway Tile


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