4×12 Beige Subway Tile

$1.39 Piece

4×12 Beige color subway tile in the glossy finish. Made in Turkey. ¬†An American classic when designing kitchen backsplash, bathroom or shower walls.

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Dimensions 12 × 4 in

An American classic Subway Tile is a popular style everywhere in the world.  This simple brick style pattern can surprisingly suit all types of interiors. It can be upscale or cozy. It can be a French country or Victorian style. You name it! All you need to do is to find the right color to suit your style.

Beige large subway tile comes in the¬†4×12 size, which is 2.67 times bigger than traditional¬†3×6 subway tiles. Today, we prefer larger pieces for walls and floors for their clean-cut look. Even though¬†the grout around the tiles is a part of this particular look, larger pieces still can complete this traditional style while reducing the grout and also helping a faster installation.

Beige Large Subway Tile

You can use the Large Beige Subway tile for a kitchen backsplash, shower, or bathroom walls. You can also design a bar area in your living or dining room with those tiles. Subway tiles are also very much in demand¬†when creating¬†commercial spaces. A 4×12 size subway tile can add a cleaner look to your design.

Ceramic tiles tend to have brighter colors compared to porcelain tiles. Therefore subway tiles are usually made from ceramic like most decorative tiles. Some subway tiles are made from marble or glass too. However, the classical style is ceramic. If you are designing a bathroom or a kitchen backsplash and you want to add this classic look to your style in color other than the white, you may want to check our tiles that we priced lower than everybody.

How to find how many pieces in a square foot

Tiles that are smaller than 1sqft are priced per piece. To find the square foot price of a small tile, First, you need to know how many pieces in a square foot and multiply it with the price.

To do so: you have to multiply the width and the length. For example, 3×6 = 18 Then¬†dive “144” ¬†by that number. 144/18=8

That means there are eight pieces of 3×6 tiles in a square foot. If a piece¬†cost, let’s say’ 69 cents, the price per square foot is 8×0.69= $5.52. That tile that you thought was a great deal is expensive.

When buying a subway tile, 9 out¬†of 10, the origin is unknown. However, our subway tiles are imported from Turkey’s Yurtbay to offer quality, even when selling the most basic subway tile.

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4×12 Dark Grey Subway Tile


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