Large Grey Subway Tile 4x12

Grey subway tile comes in the 4×12 size to eliminate seam and grout issues. Our subway tiles come in bigger sizes to create a clean look also on the walls. Made in Turkey

$3.99 Sqft

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Large Grey Subway Tile 4x12


Grey subway tile comes in the 4×12 size to eliminate seam and grout issues. Today tiles come in bigger sizes to create a clean look also on the walls. Whereas most people prefer the traditional brick pattern, stacking large subways tile in order to create a little more contemporary style is also very common. Also, the rectangular shape of subway tiles allows us to make more intricate patterns such as herringbone.

Grey subway tile looks contemporary by color and size, and it will complement most interiors style perfectly either in a kitchen or bathroom or shower wall. Subway tiles originated from New York subway stations, can suit all type of interiors regardless of the property’s value or location. It’s timeless and elegant.

Price Per Piece or Price Per Square Foot?

We measure the areas either by the square foot or square inch. If we measured it in inches, we have to convert square inches to the square foot. We do that by diving the square inches by 144.  For examples, If you have 1,152 square inches to convert to square foot: 1152/144 the result is 8 square foot. Therefore it makes more sense for us to price tiles per square foot.

However, when you buy subway tiles, some companies will make it a little more complicated by showing the price per piece.  Us, on the other hand, we use price per square foot to make things easier for everyone. If you want to find out the square foot the price of the 3×6 subway tile, all you need to do is to multiply the price by 8 since eight pieces of 3×6 subway tiles are equal to 1sqft. 

For example, if a 3×6 subway tile’s cost per piece is $.39, the price per square foot is $3.12

P/s If It’s a DIY project, we have to tell you that large grey subway tile is for wall use only. We do not recommend subway tiles for floors. That’s the case for all subway tiles. Not just ours.

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Yurtbay Seramik

From Turkey has a long tradition of producing ceramic tile materials, dating back roughly 8,000 years. In 2017, Turkey ranked third in ceramics tile production throughout all of Europe. Turkey is a world leader in the global ceramics industry due to its abundance of natural resources, high-quality ceramic products, innovative design, and fair business practices. Yurtbay Seramik (Booth #5330) always introduces a new series when participating at Coverings. Considering that the American marketplace is the firm’s second largest export partner, Yurtbay brings to the Coverings strategically developed product lines. Show attendees will see delightful products ranging from beautiful wood and concrete looks to durable countertop materials. Yurtbay takes its direction from its love of design, keeping in mind modern trends specified by the professional and selected by the consumer... Yurtbay Seramik is a fortune 500 company in Turkey. They produce high-quality large format porcelain tiles in amazing quality. Most of their tiles are in better quality than more expensive Spanish of Italian competitors.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 4 in