White Glass Subway Tile

$9.95 Sqft


White Glass Subway Tile on a mesh for an easy Installation.

Subway tiles were first used in New York City Train Station in the early twentieth century. After that, this sleek rectangular tile became a worldwide style that continues to be used in many home and commercial spaces. Today, although mostly used in kitchen and bathroom walls, subway tiles adorns many walls in the world in a multitude of colors and materials making it versatile.

Besides the original ceramic tiles, we have the option of glass and marble subway tiles for different style interiors. While marble subway tiles have a more conservative look, glass tiles add modernity and more shine to this traditional style. Ultimately, no matter the space or the style there are many available options in subway tile.

Often, when thinking of certain commercial spaces or businesses the classic white subway tile look comes to mind. With its clean, sleak design it is a perfect style for a classic feel in any space. This beautiful white tile is perfect in beauty salons, bakeries, and even classic Italian restaurant spaces. But don’t let the unique commercial aesthetic deter you from using this tile style in your home bathroom or kitchen. If you want to bring a modern look to your kitchen or bathroom, white glass subway tile alone will definitely help you achieve your goal.


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4×12 Dark Grey Subway Tile

4×12 Beige Subway Tile

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 3 in



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