48×48 Blanco Ibiza

$4.59$6.59 Sqft

Blanco Ibiza is a white marble look porcelain tile that comes with a distinguished style. Unlike most white marble look tiles. Blanco Ibiza’s design consists of diagonal veins that flow from one end to another end of the tile creating a consistent pattern. Since, all the design flows at the same direction Blanco Ibiza’s veining offers a subtle look.

Rectified porcelain tile made in Spain.

Available in 48×48 and 24×48 sizes with the polished or matte finish.


Blanco Ibiza Rectified Polished Porcelain Tile from Spain

48×48 polished tile Blanco Ibiza is a rectified porcelain tile from Spain. It’s a white marble style tile with soft grey veining. Unlike some white porcelain tiles that come with thick veining, Blanco Ibiza’s veining character is thin strikes.

Most people are under the impression that polished tiles will be slippery. The reason for that is the shiny glaze that manufacturers used in the past. Today, polished tiles are initially made with the matte glaze. Then the glossy look is obtained by mechanically polishing the matte glaze. Therefore, polished tiles are not slippery as shiny tiles and they have the same R9 slipperiness level as the matte tiles.

It’s a beautiful white porcelain tile made for interior use. It’s a tile that will brighten up interiors with its polished finish. 48×48 polished tile Blanco Ibiza doesn’t require any maintenance and it’s very easy to clean. You can use this tile in your kitchen and all your living areas, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Just like real marble, marble look porcelain tiles come in different colors and veining to complement or make the foundation our interior styling. However, what most people prefer is white. Because white style are versatile. Such floors are suitable for both contemporary and traditional interiors. Besides, they offer a clean style and they feel luxurious. Moreover, white color makes the room feel bigger. Therefore White Carrara Marble style is the one that most people prefer for floors and walls.


What’s Porcelain Tile, What’s Ceramic Tile?

What’s The Minimal Grout Lines

What Are The Grades Of Porcelain Tile?


Dimensions 48 × 48 in
Country of Origin



24" x 48", 48" x 48"


Matte, Polished




B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E≤0.5






1 piece per box/ 15.5sqft, 2 Pieces Per Box


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