8×48 Koru Nut

$6.99 Sqft

8×48 Wood Look Rectified Porcelain Tile. Made in Italy. Mirage Koru Nut comes with probably the most detailed graphics ever made. DCOF>0.42 Color body.

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Dimensions 8 × 48 in


Mirage Koru Nut Comes With Incredibly High Detail Graphics

We believe, the Best Wood Look Tile is the one that suits your taste, your interior, and your budget. However, if we talk about technical features of a porcelain tile, Mirage Koru Nut is probably one of the best wood look tiles in the world along with other Koru Line Tiles.

Koru is a special line of floor tiles that reveals all the innovations and developments made by this famous Italian Manufacturer.

Mirage Koru Nut Has a Non-Light Reflecting Surface.

Tiles reflect light. Depending on the texture and finish: some do more, and some do less. But in the end, every tile does. Except for Koru Series Tiles.

Koru line tiles minimize the reflection of the light without dulling the colors, thus resulting in the most detailed graphic design in the world. You can see all the details of the real wood on this tile. Mirage’s designers took the jobs so seriously, you can even see some graphics details that look like a little dent as it would be on the real wood floors.

Mirage Koru Nut is a Color Body Porcelain Tile

Some may mention through-body porcelain tiles. Through-body tiles are made with colored raw materials and they come with basic patterns. Therefore, today’s complex graphic designs are impossible to produce with such a technique. The best solution is to dye the porcelain body to the same color as the print, that we call colored body porcelain tile.

It’s a DCOF ≥ 0.42

Dynamic coefficiency of friction is the test used to measure how slippery a surface will become in wet areas. According to ANSI and ADA codes,  the tiles that measure ≥ 0.42 are acceptable in wet areas.

The other two colors of this fantastic line are:  Mirage Koru Peach and Mirage Koru Apple

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