8×45 Montana Ash

$4.29 Sqft

8×45 rectified plank from Spain in color. This tile’s medium to light grey color and its beautiful design put it among the most popular wood planks.

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Dimensions 45 × 8 in
Country of Origin






Montana Ash comes in a light grey background color with a beautiful hardwood movement. This tile has just the right amount of everything.  Available in large 8″ x 45″ format. Rectified. Made in Spain

Montana Ash tile of light grey color to your home project and create a warm and elegant space. Great for residential or commercial floor and wall applications. Montana Ash has a subtle design with a smooth surface with shades of lighter tones.

 PEI is an abrasion test measuring the wear and tear of the glaze. You can have a ceramic tile with a PEI rating 4 or 5 but it won’t last as long as the porcelain tile. The only indicator of the hardness is the water absorption level. Most wooden tiles today come with a water absorption below 0.1% Therefore they are extremely tough products.

Montana Ash comes with water absorption below 0.1% and PEI 4. It’s a very though porcelain tile that doesn’t require any maintenance. In most cases, you can remove stains with only water. This beautiful tile’s surface has a nice grip and It’s less slippery than most glazed tiles. It’s a good option for the bathroom and kitchen floors.

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