24×24 Fossil Beige Limestone


24×24 Natural Limestone Tile With Sea Fossils in It. Available in Brushed  or Honed Finish

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Fossil beige is a very hard limestone out of Turkey. Available in 24×24 large format tile size, this unique tile has a beautiful light beige to cream color gradient. Because of the naturally occurring seashells and fossils found in limestone each tile is completely unique. Thus it has design elements that are nearly impossible to imitate. These unique design elements make for an exceptional tile design in almost any space including the outdoors.

If you have heard of limestone, you may know this tile is composed mainly of dolomite. So it is a natural choice for a unique tile design in your home. The most significant application of this limestone tile can be seen in the 10,000 square feet lobby area of  Margarita Ville in Hollywood Beach in South Florida. If you can, visit this exceptional sample of limestone design.

Because this tile is suitable for interior and exterior flooring fossil beige limestone is a very popular tile choice. Thus fossil beige limestone, is a particularly diverse tile choice. Beige Marble tiles are famous for royal and elegant beige color. So it’s light and dark color give a classy variation. Light beige lightens the area and dark beige adds beauty to the place.

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