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9x48 Algord Beige

$3.59 Sqft


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Wood looking floor tile in the Algord wood style with plain saw style wood grains. 9×48 rectified porcelain tile from Spain with a smooth matte finish.

Available over 5,100 Sqft

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Algord Beige Wood Looking Floor Tile

Wood Looking Floor Tile – Algord Beige is a rectified porcelain tile that comes in the 9×48 plank size. If you are looking for Acacia wood or maybe a plain saw cut wood, this tile is a perfect choice. It has all of the unique attributes found in real wood flooring but with the quality and durability that is only found in porcelain tiles.

When looking into wood flooring such as Acacia wood, you may not hear about the fact that it is not waterproof, only water-resistant. While this may not seem like a big deal, over time it can become costly. This lack of waterproof makes it so the wood will wear over time and show this wear and distress unless you take the time for expensive maintenance treatments. Additionally, from a design perspective, it limits the spaces that a wood panel can be used. With wood-look tile, you can wow your friends and family with the look of wood in unique spaces such as bathrooms and even showers!

Algord Beige Wood Look Tile vs Acacia Wood

Algord Beige Wood Look Tile has a smooth matte finish that can offer some grip in wet areas thus making it more suitable for showers, bathrooms, and even mudrooms. It belongs to MUST collection by TAU of Spain. Algord Beige has the look of Acacia wood, and plain saw cut wood grains. It’s one of those tiles that can offer the wood look in high fidelity. Whereas Algord Beige carries the simple beauty of hardwood floors, As we said about wood tile requires no maintenance, and it also cleans easily. Flooring like this is perfect for any family and is a unique option if you are looking for something light and bright that lends itself to many different design plans. From Farmhouse to Industrial this is a perfect choice for you!

Choose Porcelain Over Ceramic For Floors.

Ceramic products with extremely low water absorption are those we call porcelain. Therefore, porcelain tiles are very strong products. They don’t crack and break easily. PEI, on the other hand, measures the abrasion of the glaze. High PEI doesn’t make the tile strong. The porcelain body does. Wood Looking Floor Tile Algord Beige is a true porcelain tile with water absorption below 0.5%

Porcelain gets hot under the sun.

We do not suggest ceramic or porcelain tiles for outdoor areas where you don’t wear shoes or sandals for they get hot under the sun. Other than that, wood looking porcelain tiles are excellent for all types of interior and exteriors applications. Moreover, Algord Beige has the matte finish surface that isn’t slippery. Such a finish is a safer choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Also, porcelain tiles are great for interior and exterior wall applications. You can bring an amazing exterior look to your house with Algord Beige, or you can use it to create a shower that will stand out. You can also mount your tv on an accent wall designed with wood looking floor tile – Algord Beige in your living room.

Find your tile with us!

We want to help you find the best tile for you so if you have questions, we’ve got answers! We specialize in unique tiles that are imported directly from the manufacturer. This helps you have more unique and beautiful tiles to choose from AND a more competitive price than other tile stores.

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Dimensions 9 × 48 in


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