11×72 Dove Gray Wood Tile

$6.49 Sqft

8×48 Wooden Porcelain tile with outstanding graphics work in natural colors. A solid alternative for those who are looking for a different look in wood style tiles.

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Dimensions 11 × 72 in

Beige, Gray



Dove Gray come in a unique color that blend red and brown tones with gray. This large wood grain tile from Italian Cerdisa’s Steam Wood collection is elegant, warm and modern.  It has the refined style of steam treated-wood like the other colors of this authentic collection.  Dove Gray can blend with almost every color in the interiors and can add a refine touch with its elegance. This is also a great option in the popular wood look tile category for both residential and commercial surfaces.  Dove Gray is available in 10″x72″ size with rectified body.  Why not to treat your self with beautiful and durable Italian floors whit our competitive prices.

Why Large Wood Grain Tile

Everyday, more customers interested in the marble and concrete look are able to overcome the grout issue by using large format tiles for their projects. Whereas, it’s possible to cover 6 to 16 square foot per piece in the marble and concrete look, in the wood grain, the standard  8×48 plank can only cover 2.65 sqft per piece. This is a small square-footage to cover per tile and it results in way too much grout when compared to other porcelain tile styles.

If you like the look of wood but you want your floors to be seamless, Cerdisa’s Steam Line’s large wood grain tiles is a great option. Besides, this beautiful and elegant line can offer a great option for bathroom surfaces with their non slippery finish.

Dove Gray ’s Water Absorption.

What we call a porcelain tile is indeed a ceramic tile with lower absorption. Therefore, water absorption is the only difference between porcelain and ceramic. It’s also the single technical value that defines the hardness of a tile. Dive Gray comes with a water absorption of 0.5% or below.

Is Wood Look Tile A Trend?

What’s Porcelain Tile, What’s Ceramic Tile?

What’s The Minimal Grout Lines

What Are The Grades Of Porcelain Tile?





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