8×48 Milena Cerezo

$4.29 Sqft

8×48 rectified porcelain tile with wood effect. Made in Spain. Milena Cerezo mimics cherry style hardwood floors in porcelain tile.

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Dimensions 48 × 8 in
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B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E≤0.5

Milena Cerezo is an 8×48 rectified porcelain wood tile made in Spain. This tile has beautiful graphics that mimic a natural wood movement with swirls and knots. It’s close to Cherry Wood with its reddish background color.

Wood stile flooring is one of the most popular trends of today. The beauty of natural hardwood and the durability of the tiles blend in one body and this flooring type looks just like the real material. However, It offers greater longevity with almost no maintenance.

As much as the Cherry Wood is a classical style, wood flooring tiles always add some modern look to the style. Therefore, Milena Cerezo can complement many different interiors.

Porcelain tiles are available with immense color and style options. Besides, they offer more durable solutions making them superior products compared to other hardwood alternatives. Moreover, we can use porcelain wood flooring in the outdoor areas where we can’t use laminate, vinyl, and engineered wood planks. Therefore porcelain tiles help us to carry the warmth of natural wood in patio’s or balconies.

Porcelain Wood in Bathrooms

100% waterproof feature of porcelain tiles has been taking this look onto bathrooms until or some times including the shower walls. Besides the warm style, another excellent feature of these tiles is the friction they can provide in wet surfaces. Most porcelain wood tiles perform around or above DOF>0.42, and they are safer as bathroom floors than most tiles.

These tiles can also make an excellent choice for kitchen and covered patios.  They won’t dent, and they are 100% waterproof.  This style tiles tend to have better friction when compared to other porcelain tile styles.  Milena Cerezo tile is a perfect choice for a natural wood looking tile that has the durability and quality of porcelain tile.


What is Porcelain Floor Tile?


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