12×36 Trapani Pearl Wall Tile

$3.99 Sqft



Color Trapani Pearl Wall Tile in a Soft Grey

When somebody hears pearl in the name of a tile, they might assume that it is strictly white, but in fact this tile has a beautiful light grey color to it. Trapani Pearl is a Light Grey Color Wall Tile with a fabric style texture, which is a part of a recent tile trend. This modern style of wall tile represents the concrete effect in a modern bathroom. Its matte finish has glitters. Made in Spain. Available in 12″ x 36″

Trapani Pearl, a beautiful wall tile for contemporary interiors

Trapani pearl is a new style wall tile in light grey color. This large format tile is designed to offer an industrial style pronounced with cement effect.  Besides, its large format is ideal to reduce the seam. This seam reduction is an important part of what makes it such a beautiful design. With a reduced seams and grout the tile design becomes more seamless and visually appealing. Large tiles offer a clean look regardless of style because of the overall visual appeal created by less seams and grout.   Trapani White is another color of the same style



A style on the rise: Concrete Look Tiles


TAU Ceramica

TAU Ceramica is a leading manufacturer of a variety of different porcelain tiles. Their style selection ranges from concrete look tile to wood look tile to marble look. Brand "TAU is consolidated as a world reference brand in the ceramic sector. We are proud of our commitment to innovation and development and our commitment to our social and environmental surroundings." Mission "We transform nature to create ceramic solutions that help our clients in their growth and differentiation." Vision "Leading ceramic industry through a purchasing experience empathy that helps the seller to sell and the buyer to decide." Sustainable development "TAU ceramics has an environmental management system to identify and minimize the impact of its operations on air emissions, wastewater, waste and noise pollution. Integrated Management System (SIG), designed by Ecoembes and aimed at the selective collection and recovery of packaging waste for treatment, recycling and assessment. The company has Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all the product families it markets. A declaration granted by Aenor in 2014 and extended in 2015 that highlights environmentally friendly products. Applying criteria of continuous improvement, we carry out an internal recovery of the waste and a selective collection of the same as cardboard, plastic or wood."

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Dimensions 36 × 12 in


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