48×48 Crema Latte Polished

$7.49 Sqft

Crema Latte comes with with marble style movements rather than veins. It has a light beige background with a tint of gray. 48×48 rectified, polished porcelain tile made in Spain



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Crema Latte: 48×48 rectified porcelain tile made in Spain with the polished finish

Crema Latte is 48×48 size tile that mimics the look of a light beige marble that has cloudy movements. This tile has a soft design that many home owners and designers have been looking for. We can even say It’s the modern version of natural stone with improved coloring and minimal design. Overall, it’s beautiful light beige tile make some great floors for those who are looking for a subtle style. It comes with mechanical polishing. Therefor it’s not slippery.

48×48 rectified porcelain tile made in Spain with the polished finish

48×48 Size Tile

As more and more people are getting aware of the benefits of large tiles, 48×48 size tile is the one that stands out with its massive size. If the more expensive price and the higher installation cost of this size are within the budget and you are looking for the  absolute best, Crema Latte deserves a serious consideration.


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Additional information

Dimensions 48 × 48 in
Country of Origin



48" x 48"




B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E≤0.5


Glazed / Polished






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