Porcelain Tiles

Whether It’s a commercial or residential project, porcelain tiles are almost everybody’s first choice for flooring with their improved features. Today, most European tiles come with some serious artwork to complement our interior taste. Besides, they are also backed up with solid technologic features to make our day to day life easier.
Definition of Porcelain.
Ceramic products with water absorption below 0.5% are called porcelain. Therefore porcelain is denser, harder, and also stronger product than ceramic. Regardless of the PEI rating, porcelain will last longer than ceramic tiles. 
High-Def Inkjet Print Comes Standard.
High Definition Inkjet Printing is the secret behind the rise of tiles of all kinds. It’s the printing technique that opened the way for tiles with an identical resemblance to the original flooring products.
The Future Is Already Here.
Large Size is another impressive new feature. While everybody’s goal is to reduce the seam on the floor, installation with abruptly close joints is not the right way to achieve such a goal. The right way is to decrease the number of tiles to cover the floors by increasing the tile size. The feature is the large format tile. 30×30 and bigger sizes are the large format tiles.
European Tiles Only.
We import and stock a large selection of porcelain floors tiles from Europe. Wood Look, Marble Look, Stone Look, Onyx Look, Concrete Look, Linen Look. Polished finish, Mate Finish, R11, Technical Porcelain, We have it all. All factory direct. All from most recognized European manufacturers.

What is porcelain tile

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  • SALE! Modern dining room with cement look tile in gray color

    24×48 Kanela Perla

    $4.29 Sqft
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  • How to clean porcelain tiles floors

    24×48 Castillo Gray

    $5.29 Sqft
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  • living room with blue floor tile

    8×48 Valencia Blue Polished

    $4.69 Sqft
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  • SALE! contemporary style office with marble look porcelain tile

    24×48 Brescia Polished

    $4.79 Sqft
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  • dark gray tile tile that looks like concrete

    24×48 Concrete Anthracite

    $4.49 Sqft
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  • SALE! black porcelain tile as an accent wall

    24×48 Elite Black Polished

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  • OUT OF STOCK24x48 porcelain tile in light beige color with the look of limestone

    24×48 Prospect Ivory

    $4.99 Sqft
  • minimalistic tile pool deck scene

    36×36 Lema White

    $4.99 Sqft
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  • SALE! Quartzite Tile from TAU Ceramica

    36×36 Nantes White Polished

    $4.99 Sqft
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  • SALE! floor picture of Mediterranean Oak Style large wood tile 10x60

    10×60 Mediterranean Oak

    $4.99 Sqft
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    10×60 Tile Brest Umber

    $5.99 Sqft
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  • 10x60 wood porcelain floors with light gray distressed wood tile on a store front wall

    10×60 Rennes White

    $5.99 Sqft
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